I am a James. (which apparently is not a complete sentence)

Area lead for the ERP lab. Elusive, mysterious, dangerous. these are words that rarely describe me. Known for my dashing good looks, razor sharp wit, and undeniablely statistically relevant number of times I’m wrong. I’ve somehow managed the ERP lab as well as helped along in a few other things here and there. I dabble in electronics, leather, woodworking, 3d printing, laser cutting, casting, organic chemistry, time travel and genetics. I’m not fond of leaving the house because it’s outside. I’m well known in certain circles for *************************************************************************************************************************
<REDACTED> ***************************************************************************************************************** So really it was the pelican the whole time.

do not trust long haired me, I already fixed that but it was before I am going to warn anyone it was/is going to be a problem. Also mildly related to why I don’t time travel anymore.

Speaking of casting…I think I’ve finally collected all of the fittings, gauges, hoses, bobs, and bits needed to go with the vacuum pump and have a bona-fide vacuum chamber for degassing. Let me know next time you’re around and we can try it out on some mushmelons or something.