How's discourse going?

Hey Makers - now that we’ve been using discourse for a while I wanted to hear from everybody what you think of it. What’s good, what’s bad, what took too long to figure out, why do you like it, why do you not like it, do you secretly wish we’d go back to the google group? Now’s the time to say so :slight_smile: Are there any settings you haven’t figured out yet? Be totally honest, let’s figure out if this was a good move!

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I’m liking it. I have the ceramics form flagged. So I can keep updated with what’s going on :crazy_face:

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I like this format better than google group. For some reason, one no one could figure out, I could never reply or ask questions on google group. This works much better and makes for easier communications.

I like it. The only part I don’t like are the suggested topics at the end of the post. They are usually irrelevant/old discussions.

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How many members signed up for discourse?

Good question.

We have 186 who’ve signed in and set up usernames.

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One thing I don’t like, I didn’t realize how much I was missing. I rely on the daily digest emails to see what’s going on, but the digests only seem to show new TOPICS not new activity. Maybe that’s a setting that could be changed.

For some reason I’m not getting random posts forwarded to me via email. I get posts that refer to a previous post that I didn’t receive. I have to go to the web site to see all posts.

It also seems to interpret certain character sequences as special ops, like a line that begins with more than 2 equal signs, and does weird things.


I tweaked the settings for suggested topics so it will only show topics from the same category that are less than 30 days old. That should probably help keep the suggestions more relevant.

Didn’t see any settings related to this.

Discourse uses Markdown formatting. If you put a bunch of equal signs in a row you’ll probably get a horizontal rule.

I’ve noticed this as well. There was a post earlier today that I didn’t get an email for. I did find a log that indicated it had been sent. There may be an issue with our SMTP setup. We’ll have to look into it some more.

Actually, nevermind. I checked the SMTP logs and apparently the message got marked as spam on its way to my email, so it never got forwarded to my personal email. No idea why it only got marked as spam for me and nobody else, but that’s Google’s fault.

@curt.gridley If you have examples of messages you didn’t receive I can probably figure out what happened to them.

ok I’ll keep an eye out for that happening. Thanks, Curt