Hosting a Wichita Board Gaming Group

I set this for Oct 1st in the Lounge. It is on the calendar.


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@ladeana Can we schedule a board game night for October 1st, from 5 to 10?

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It will probably actually take place in room 4 but thank you!

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My name is Andrew, and I am the organizer of the Wichita Board Games group. True that two of our venues have or are about to shut down (The Forge and Jenn’s Emporium). We think we have figured out our Tuesday venues, and are very grateful for the chance to come to MakeICT for Oct 1. Jacob and I have been going over details for the event so that it works for both the group members and for you our host organization. We have at least three members of our group who are members of MakeICT. I will make sure to keep this open in my web browser to be more up on the conversation. Thanks in advance!


Super! If we have enough members, then we can run this as an event… just like our current gaming night. We will need to make sure we have a member who can open the doors for the rest of the gang. I am so sorry that so many of the gaming places are closing.

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