Hi, Im David

Hi everyone. My name is David Span I recently rejoined MakeICT.

I guess it’s customary to share a bit about myself so here goes. I have been a computer programmer and consultant for about 25 years. Recently due to health issues, my short-term memory began to betray me making the tracking of hundreds of lines of untenable.

Today I spend most of my time learning, sharing and teaching about cryptocurrencies and their future possibilities. If you have questions, ask. I also offer a small group of clients social marketing guidance as a one-on-one coach.

I really enjoy using the woodshop and intend at some point to get into the metal shop. I have done a little silversmithing in the past and I am not opposed to trying my hand at it again. Truth be told I’m sure I will try my hand at everything before it’s all said and done.

If you see me hanging around please don’t hesitate to say hi.


Glad to see you back at MakeICT.

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Hi David!

Crypto is really interesting to me, especially ethereum. I have no programming skills whatsoever, just think it’s fascinating.

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David, I am so sorry. I was suppose to meet up with you around 5pm on Friday. I worked way past 5pm last night. I didn’t get to leave until after 8pm. So very sorry I missed our meet up. I have most of this up-coming week free. Just let me know when there is time that is convenient for you. Thanks David and I really am sorry I missed our meet up. I’m very very interested in your ideas and stuff.

Hi David! I’m new, too. You sound way over my head, but I do love wood and the wood shop is in my future. Welcome!

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Welcome David

Welcome sir, good story, I’d like to learn more about crypto. How to see you in the wood shop sometime.

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While I’m sure David appreciates the welcome messages, his original post is from over a year ago when he re-joined us. He was a member before then, so he’s actually been involved with MakeICT for quite some time. :slightly_smiling_face: