Hi all, my name is John

My name is John Fulcher and I’m new to Make ICT and the maker community. I attended orientation last night and I’m super excited to dive in, meet some people, and make some things.

I’ve dabbled in different crafts over the years but nothing that I claim experience or talent in. I’ve recently taken an interest woodworking and am currently building a large dog house. My deeper interest is in working with hand tools, learning traditional joint making, etc. I am interested in metalwork also…if I’m honest, it’s all interesting to me.

This may sound strange, but I’ve been a little discouraged by the way we, as a society, have decided that cheap is better and we’ll just throw “it” away and get a new one. I’m hoping to pick up some skills that will allow for more choices. If I need it, can I build it? If it’s broke, can I fix it? If I can’t fix it can I take it apart and make something else? This sounds like fun to me. Hopefully I’ll meet some good folks who can help me out and share ideas. Oh, and I’m a pretty quick study, good at figuring out how things work and almost always willing to pitch in and help others.

Hopefully we’ll run into each other soon.


Welcome John! Glad you are looking forward to expanding your Superpower of Fine Hand Crafted wooden items. My SuperPower is Turning Wood into things. Usually round.


Hi John! I agree about the disposable stuff out there. But then again I get really excited at harbor freight. I’ll learn someday. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Life’s a balance. I own more than a few things from IKEA…and harbor freight. Thanks for the reply and I look forward to getting to know you.

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I’ve always considered the making of the “round things” sort of mystifying. Like calculus or rocket surgery. I am more rudimentary math level. I do admire it though. I went to the Irish festival in KC a couple of weeks ago and there was a group of woodworkers turning bowels, barrels for pens and the like. My wife had to drag me away.

Thanks for the reply and I look forward to meeting at some point.

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I teach some of the Woodturning classes. I will be scheduling an Introduction to Woodturning later in October.


Welcome John. You emtioned IKEA! I like you already! LOL

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Welcome John love that your looking to make more choices I also sounds fun to me hope to see you around. Welcome to the fun place. Enjoy

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Hi John I like your style! Hope we get to meet one day in the wood shop. I’m planning to learn how to turn a bowl. I’d love to see your hand work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand and respect that. There are so many crafts/disciplines/techniques/etc that can be used in conjunction, that I am stumped by folks that only want to pick one thing. I took a woodshop class in highschool, but need refreshers and have much to learn. Maybe we’ll bump into each other soon.

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Right? I have a project that time is running low on. It requires woodshop, textiles, 3d printing, screen printing, resin casting, and some stuff not even in the makerspace yet.

Some people are like “I just want to throw a pot”

That’s kinda the fun too. Like, don’t come to me for expert advice in the woodshop. I’m qualified to be in there but I’m not going to know how your goose hinge corner jig is going to fit together. But if you need an idea on how to achieve an end goal a makerspace is an awesome think tank.

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