Help Us Raise Funds to Open the Building - Membership Drive Live on Indiegogo Till Midnight on Halloween

:heart: WE DID IT!!! Fully Funded! :heart: We have a stretch goal, if we have 100 backers by midnight on Halloween we’ll upgrade to a premium shirt designed by our very own @Erik. Keep the word out there!


Also on our Google Business profile under updates and on Maps

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Woohoo! Nearly 20% funded in less than 12 hours. Great start, let’s keep it going.


If an existing member buys a membership through this campaign, should they do anything specific with their WildApricot account and/or existing recurring payments? Or will that be handled for them?

Also, mostly out of curiosity but I feel like others may wonder - how badly needed is the upfront money? In the longer-term, purchasing a membership through this campaign means less total money for the makerspace, right? So if someone is going to be a member with or without this campaign, would we rather have the big chunk of (less total) money now, or more total money over the longer period?


They’ll start that new membership when they choose for it to start. When it expires they can then resubscribe using the subscription service we use. (That’s what I’m envisioning. The details need a tiny bit of ironing out.)

But money up front is badly needed. The labor costs have been much higher than expected due to Covid-19. Without that extra cash up front, we won’t be able to work in the same capacity we’ve come to expect. That’s exactly why this membership drive is offering such a great deal. It provides much needed capital, while at the same time encouraging member support.

I, for one, backed at the Super-Duper Maker level. I’m fortunate to have been able to save (since my summer trips were mostly cancelled).


I used my stimulus money. :slight_smile:

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We’re 25% funded.

31% funded

34% funded



Would contributions to the Indiegogo campaign be eligible for matching gifts for 501c3 orgs? If so, would the match count towards the goal? (methinks it should!) If so, how would it get logged in the campaign?


Not sure if that would qualify as a donation as you get something in return for it.

This has some of the explanation:–-are-they-deductible#:~:text=Membership%20dues%20may%20not%20be,)(3)%20are%20typically%20deductible.

It depends if you want membership or not. You can support the fundraiser without getting a perk. Check with your HR. I know at my husbands work it has to be an approved 501c3 and the donation has to be processed through a designated website.

39% funded

49% funded

Woooooaaaahhh we’re halfway there
Oooh living on a prayer!


I created another post to promote next week. This post appeals to the frugal among us. I will be happy to change the wording up if someone wants to suggest something more appealing before spending money on it. Please help with organic activity by likeing and sharing. I plan to boost it late Monday. The other ad runs through Sunday.

This is what the current Ad looks like


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