Hello makers. I'm Chance

Hello everyone!
My name is Chance Hall and I’m also a maker. I am a equipment technician by trade but in my free time I have enjoyed: glassblowing(my main passion), woodworking, brewing beer, tinkering with/rebuilding cars(not my main interest anymore but always willing to help and share with others!) and really anything that makes me think and create.
Some things I’m really wanting to get in to are: ring making, leather working and general metal works.

Thanks for having me!



Glass eh? I did some o dat back in the 90s at ESU.

Invited a girl down dere fir a hot time, must of made an impression because we are still together lol!


It’s been said that glass can have that affect! I have exclusively worked with borosilicate flameworking so my knowledge is limited to just that. Hot shops have always intrigued me though in a big way.

I’m actually surprised I’ve not seen a crock pot full of vermiculite in the jewelry lab. I might have missed it but bead making ad borosilicate both would be fun classes to have.

I couldn’t agree more HINT HINT :joy:
I do hope to teach some classes in the upcoming months if the support and what not us there, time will tell!

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Patience, grasshopper. Many good things come to those who wai^H^H^H volunteer to help us get set up for that :slight_smile:

Seriously, there’s a lot of interest, so I’d be very surprised if we don’t have the pieces in place for working with glass not too long after we get to the new campus.


What kind of beer? Do you bottle or keg?

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Every beer imaginable! currently my brother in law and I bottle but we’re over it and kegging will be the only way

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That’s wonderful to know! I’d love to help with any processes involved, please don’t hesitate to ask!