Hello! I'm Deidre

Nice to meet ya’ll. I have a ton of interests, but currently, I want to try making some Caddo style pots. At home, I am almost always crocheting, and occasionally I paint. Honestly, I am constantly learning to do something new, so the space and classes are perfect! I can’t wait to get into woodworking and metalworking soon!


Hi! Welcome to the group. You look familiar, do I know you?


Welcome Deidre!

Welcome to the space


Welcome! Do you do crocheting lessons? I have several rolls of yarn but have no clue what I’m doing!!!

I don’t know that I am a terribly great teacher, but I can show you what I know. Do you have a type of project you are hoping to make?

We have someone who is interested in teaching crochet. I hope to meet her Friday but might not be able to.

Fantastic!!! Please keep me updated!

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I bet a knitting class would be popular too.