Hazardous Materials Logs

I have been far too long in posting new Hazmat logs.

This is a failing of mine and mine alone.

They are once again available, and reflect changes in the woodshop access policy that were recently approved.

Please fill out the log sheet posted on the door of any room in which you use a hazardous material, both room’s logs if applicable.

My apologies for not maintaining this.

Happy dust making!


is there a way you could just print me out a blank just for me, as i use quite a lot of different woods for my many projects?

Sould I just make you a checklist? Untill we discuss in person feel free to list multiple woods in a single row

easy peasy. can do.

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What about bloodwood? Only asking since I got a couple planks from Jesse Busenitz in Whitewater a little while back.

Would it be a good rule-of-thumb to fill out the list if wood-database mentions any effects in the toxicity section? For instance bloodwood mentions reports of thirst, salivation, and nausea.

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Thirst… for blood?
If you feel that a wood should be mentioned when used please list it. The list, while imperfect, does represent the required materials for logging and only those materials need to be logged.


Haha yeah I thought that was a bit of a strange coincidence as well.

But cool thanks I’ll keep that in mind in the future.