Haz-Mat Authorization class

When will the next Haz-Mat class for the exotic woods?

Dec 22: 6-8pm

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Did you want this on the calendar? Haven’t seen an event submission.

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Actually, yes, I do. Thanks!



Bad news everybody. I have to cancel this class. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll do it again, same time next week. Sunday: 6-8pm on Sunday 29th.

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Is their some one who could help me cut thin strips of 1.purple hart, 2.paduk,1.zebra wood its just four small pieces if some one with Hazmat/wood Sertification would be willing to help me.

When is the next Haz-mat class

1pm this Saturday (Jan 8th)

It’ll be a part of the maker space cleanup day that’s on the calendar that starts at 11am.


Im off Wedsday, Thursday, Friday will a haz-mat be done on those days in the neer future?

We can make accommodations.

Is someone free to give me the Haz-mat course this week?

I could tonight if that works, or possibly Friday

Chris, something’s come up and I can’t make it in tonight. Let’s schedule a time.