Hardboard (Masonite) Inventory

Do we have any full sheets of 1/8" in stock?

We do not. I think the plan was to get more after we move, just so we don’t have to lug a massive stack of material in addition to everything else. We get quite a bit at once.


Truth. We need someone with a truck ready to do the pick up, too. We could take it straight to the new building, then if you need a sheet in the next few weeks you’d grab one at a time from there, i’d imagine.

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I can pick it up if its local but I’ll need help to load and unload.

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That’s a fantastic idea. I would be glad to help, but I have no way of hauling it.

I can also haul. @kim, or someone else. Do we have a particular contact at Spirit (that’s who it is, right?) that we need to coordinate with? I’ve not been part of a pickup before.

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that is a good question that I was afraid someone would ask! @rustin.atkeisson were you our connection last time to get surplus MDF from Spirit? I think they approached us.


And spirit just did a massive clean out.

We need to keep an eye on Spirit’s surplus sales since they’re willing to donate anything surpluses.


Rustin Atkeisson

MakeICT Secretary/metalshop lead

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For what it’s worth, I work at Spirit, so would be easy for me to pick it up. I could likely get help loading, but would need help unloading.

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Give me a shout when you are ready to unload we can coordinate a time.
316 648-9043

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