Hand stitching upcycled denim

4 years ago I cut out a dress from black denim jeans. 2 years ago I started hand stitching on it with a cord I bought at a thrift store. My New Years resolution is to do 15 mins of art per day. So in mid-February I pulled it out and started stitch at least 1 thread per day, until the middle of March, when the call went out for PPE. Last weekend I put the last 2 threads in over 55 threads and 14 hours. I plan to finish it for the State Fair and wear it to Fashion Avant on September 11th where I will be showing a collection. Now to locate the skirt part.

If anyone has insight on the thread I’m using, please let me know, as it didn’t have a label and I love the way it looks.

You can see video on my FB post https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157337086008931&id=642828930