Graphic Designer Wanted

Hey everybody! I dont know if many of you know me but I have been the electrician trying to get the power going at the new school.

I am not an full fledged member yet mostly due to me having no time. Between wiring up the new school, my house in full on demolish/remodel mode, my job and tinkering with my 7 motorcycles I just dont have the time at the moment.

But I was looking for someone who can do some graphic designing for me. I work as a contractor for the National Science Foundation. I deploy to Greenland every year for about 3 months as the electrician of a team filled with tradesmen of all shapes, sizes and genders. I am hoping I can find someone to help me design a fun cartoonish logo to represent the team of tradesmen that head north every year to assist science in finding answers for the big questions and hypothesis out there.

I can pay with money or regale you with tales of the frozen north. Or of my adventures in round the world motorcycling or even my shenanigans when I was working in Antarctica. Your choice or all the above.

Take care and stay outta trouble!


@Erik, your talent comes to mind here…

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