Grammill Premium Plus need Truck

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@Jhuie and I have agreed to take a donation of a 12’ quilter we have 2 individuals who can help take it apart and put it back together. What we need is a way to haul the 12 foot poles, as they do not come apart. The machine is located near Central and Greenwich so no Highway miles. It depends on the truck owner, when we can schedule to pick up the machine.

The rear seats in my 4runner fold flat and my tailgate can ride open. I have a flag for them since they will hang out but I can help deliver these anytime this week.

We’re going to meet tonight. I will let you know our plans. Thanks for helping @devin

I have a suburban, my seats also fold down. I can help if Devin can’t.

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Did get this yet? My big trailer is occupied atm, but my small trailer is 12’ long

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We’re going to wait for better weather. @Jhuie was inn a finance committee meeting so didn’t really get to discuss.

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Malissa, we are fb buddies, I don’t get on the forum that much so if you need my truck to help haul just hit me up on fb please

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We’re waiting for better weather.

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Oh, using city of Wichita snow removal plan, huh? :rofl:


I have a truck and 10’ flatbed trailer and all kinds of adjustable free time, happy to help.
Any pictures of the things that need moved?

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We’re waiting for a little better weather and most likely a weekend.

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I’m good for weekends as well, and warmer weather…but with warmer weather, them fair weather riders come outta the woodwork looking to have me work on their bikes


We were going to try to move the Quilt Machine tomorrow but I have not yet had confirmation from my “son” yet if his trailer is available. Might you be available tomorrow?

We are still hoping to move the Quilt Machine tomorrow. Am still waiting for confirmation from my “son” who originally committed his 12’ trailer for the earlier date. Checked with @sempai as a possible back up and thought I would check with you as well since I have not figured out the forum quite yet. We are looking at 1 pm. We have the address and the route.

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If needed, yes, I have two trailers, either of which would work.

Great. I will get back to you shortly.

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What time are u thinking? I have one Bike to work on tomorrow, so I can likely help y’all out. Please call or text my cell: 3162070572

The trailer that we arranged for the first time is still questionable so in order to be sure we can get this project accomplished, if you could help we would very much appreciate it. We are scheduled to arrive at the location at 1:00 to begin the process. It is in a basement and will take a while to disassemble the entire setup. We have to remove the head and get it settled in my van and tied down. The table is complex and will need to be disassembled, and everything marked before we can move it upstairs and out to the trailer. The poles are 12 feet long and the instructions cover trailers for a 12 foot trailer or one longer. I have instructions that I can send you so you can see the process and for hauling. If you are available to help that would keep @sempai from possibly being squeezed for time since he already has one bike to work on tomorrow. We have the muscle lined up so there is no expectation of physical labor (unless you want to). Thanks

Please send them to me.

I will send you an email with the instructions on moving the machine. And there are also YouTubes - Moving A Gammill Machine Head - YouTube