Good Morning!

Hello! I am a new member-to-be. I am an accountant at Friends University. My husband and I attended the orientation earlier this month. Then the laser basic class last week. We have several interests of hobbies to try out but I own an embroidery machine and look forward to sharing what I know in the event that one is added to the textile area. I guess we missed the information on how we would gain access to the building before getting keys. Could someone fill me in?

Thank you!



Hi Holly
If you want to come and don’t have a key yet,. There are a couple of options.

  1. stalk the calendar for events open to the public. (Final Friday, Ceramics night, textile tribe,maker Monday are good options for this)
  2. Post in the forum a time and date
    You would like to come over… (Like:. I am a new member. Can someone let me in for a couple of hours Saturday morning.). In this case, that someone is responsible for you for that time… So spend some time getting signatures while you are there!
  3. Drop by unannounced. Sometimes a person will let you in as their guest . . . But there is no requirement for them to do that . . . So be super respectful of their time if you do that . . . And understanding if they don’t . . . Some are too busy, getting ready to leave the space or just don’t want to deal with some of the odd folks wandering in the downtown area)

Thank you so much! I will do that!

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