Glaze fire starting


Is this all the stuff that was glazed? Was my Moon Glazed, it was sitting on the Glaze Shelf along with some fish tank decor

there were several pieces including some of my own that did not make it into the 8/15 glaze kiln, but I think that there will be another glaze kiln in the next few days. The 8/20 bisque, also some pieces did not make it in, but hopefully we will have another bisque sometime next week. I know you have that one piece with the little monkey that is probably dry enough for the bisque shelf.

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Thanks for letting me know whats up. I appreciate all your work. Looking forward to seeing next glaze batch.

I LOVE looking at the pictures!

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One of my happy places

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I loaded the kiln yesterday, but the computer on the kiln is not responding to my commands. I have tried to get ahold of Patrick, but have not heard from him yet. Your moon and your other pieces made it into the kiln. Hopefully we will be able to fire it up soon. There is probably enough pieces at this time to run a second glaze kiln.

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no worries, the problem will get fixed. There are to many awesome people with mad skills at maker space

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The glaze fire in the kiln is set and will run tonight.


That’s great news. What did you do that made it run?

When it says CMPLT the time needs to be written on the firing log sheet and then you have to hit the “ENTER” button until it says “STOP” then it will be programmable.


That last glaze fire seemed a tad bit off, like the kiln didn’t get as hot this time. It very well could just be me but the colors seemed slightly off as if they didn’t get to the right melting point.

Hey Richard try 3 coats of Blue Rutile then put 1 or 2 coats of Palladium on top of that. I think you will like the results

Thanks for the advice. Can I get Blue Rutile at Evans? Does it run at all.

I thought one of those dip glazes was Blue Rutile, thats why I suggested it. Try one of your blue dip glazes. Do 3 coats if you brush on then add the Paladium over it. The image below looks like they might have used the red clay, but the color variation looks wonderful

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