Glaze fire complete 2/12/19


Are the penguins and llama not in this batch? They’ve been sitting there since January and were some of the only things on the shelf when I put them there. I kind of was hoping they’d be done to send to a customer by Valentine’s Day and then for my class this weekend. Is there something wrong with them?

They’ve been out of a glaze fire and on the shelf in plain view since the 5th. Not all of the firings get posted to the forum a couple of people who load and unload the kiln don’t use the forum or own smart phones. Don’t take my word for it though come see them yourself.

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The only things wrong with them is they are too adorable.


Well that’s a relief, thank you! I had no idea some firings didn’t get posted, I’ve been anxiously watching for a posting every day since I put them in there! facepalm

We’ll see about working on this posting business. :wink: