Glaze fire complete 1/4/19


Dang! That new glaze I am trying did not like the black clay body. I will be reglazing it. lol. It was supposed to be a smooth matte light green with no mottling. Just goes to prove that you can’t predict until the kiln is cracked open.


Are you talking about the bowls at the top? Those are my favorites of this batch!

Yep. That weird mottling was supposed to be a flat light jade matte glaze. I haven’t been in to look at them in person yet. But the reaction between the glaze and this blackish clay body was unexpected. Lol. It also turns strange green brown colors if you put clear glaze on it. I am still exploring what it does, but it fires a beautiful color for the plain unglazed clay. It can be temperamental but not as bad as the Aarkvark Cassius Black clay.

I agree, i thought they looked great in the pictures. Depends on if you want to eat out of them or decorate with them. Lovely.

Also, congrats to @Hillbilly on his LOTR tea kettle! The lettering came out great.