Gender inclusion area

I think I heard several people interested in a Gender Inclusion Area. (Works on making the Makerspace woman friendly, man friendly and inclusive for anyone not in those categories.)

This might be a bit controversial. I have heard the women in the space all want to do some get togethers to encourage more women to join. I have heard some of the guys having to defend doing things that are thought of as women only… maybe we could get some advice on making some of those classes more comfortable for the guys to join in. And we need to be more inclusive for all.

So I think we should all get together and form a committee.

I am going to start putting a meeting together to get this committee started. If someone really loves this stuff, I am happy to let them lead. :slight_smile:

Lets pick a good evening to meet.

I will put a meeting on the calendar about two weeks out and we will get started. (If we get delayed, it will be on zoom.)

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