Garden spots 2022

Are there plots still available for 2022? Is there information on-line covering plot sizes, cost, membership requirements, etc? My wife is showing some interest but I’m not finding much.

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I believe there are still a few plots available for $25.

@SeanSandefur is working on a plot agreeement that needs to be signed prior to planting.


Hi Dave. Yes, there are plots available. I was going to make a general announcement post on the forum this week. I’ll do that tomorrow and we can go from there!


Looking forward to it. Thanks!

Hi Sean
Are there any plots and or raised beds still available? And where can I find the agreement to sign.
Thanks so much in advance

I believe the raised beds are accounted for, but there’s plenty of room for in-ground plots. My wife just had a baby, so I’m out of commission for a bit. There will be a garden work day tomorrow at 11. Volunteers should be on hand. Agreement is below.


I’m not seeing where this contract was approved by the board?

This is supposed to be set up as a class event

There was a board meeting last week and @squarenuts discussed this issue. My wife was in labor and I couldn’t attend. I’m not sure what was decided about the contract. We’re happy to amend it in any way. I apologize we got out ahead of our skis on this.

I was not able to attend the board meeting but there isn’t a mention of the contract in the meeting notes. I just want to make sure we are treating all contacts equally. If you need to set up a class for a record of who has what and limits to what we have to assign. I can help with that.

I was out of town and did not make it either. Not sure of what was decided

The contract was on the agenda but got missed.
I’ll bring it to the special meeting this Thursday.
Also, I think there may be disagreement on the rental-as-class paradigm. We’ll see.
Since there’s so much controversy we could just make them all free this year :wink:

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That is why we asked for it to be set up as a event . The open house event was set up that way .


Congradulations Sean


I completely agree. We need our checks and balances and setting it up that way is a easy way to track what’s going on with an all volunteer non-profit.

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Sean, can you contact me please .

I plan to be at the meeting on Thursday and we can get our bearings on all of this.

It looks like it wasn’t even gotten to. There were action items in the recap listed in the committee report.