Garden-plants-smoking section

MakeICT, still the very best place in the ICT!!!
I think it is just so great and the folks are pretty awesome as well.
While I was here last night I saw a metal “piece” outside of the outside “smokers lounge”
I’m curious if I could possibly lean it or temporarily affix it to the building to have some pretty plants grow …
I will take full responsibility for care Ect….
I’m not certain who to address this question to so I am open for some feed back.
I will send some pics of what I am referring to.


With the title of your post “Garden-plants-smoking”, I was getting ready to watch an interesting debate…



"The garden committee not only provides these lush fountains, marble statues, and giant salsa garden… but a large percentage of the makerspace income.

Stay away from that greenhouse kid, that dog ain’t friendly.


I don’t see why not, but where you have it leaning is a prime loading unloading area for Metals and Woods. Also, still within the jurisdiction of the Garden so to get solid answers I’d suggest attending the Committee meeting Sunday at 11 (not 10 as indicated on the calendar).

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In my misspent youth that would have looked like a challenge to explore the roof.


Sounds like the call of a well spent youth to me!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

First thing I thought of after realizing the post WASN’T about the door being left open.

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