Garden Party 7/3/22 @ 4PM

bbq460x276 Garden Party 7/3/22 @ 4PM
This Sunday (7/3) some of the Garden Committee members will have a cookout in the garden. Come and socialize and enjoy some burgers and dogs. Bring a dish to share or a beverage. Come join us starting around 4pm, and we’ll most likely be out there until the stars come out.


Just sent this as an email to the membership with Sherry’s help.


Very vague email!!!

I have a wake to attend today, but I should be there by 6 or 7

I think you need to open the email to see the actual message :wink:


I don’t open emails that need to be opened after I’ve already opened the email. The pic i sent is of the opened email. I did try following the link, which produced this:

Also I followed the “visit message” link which produced this

I think that my point is that our communications are not consistent among recipients, and I believe that the we should judge them by the weakest links. @rustin.atkeisson your thoughts?

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This email was sent to your email address? I suspect I’ll have to investigate the various ways these are displayed to different email domains and consult IT for potential improvements.

If anyone else wants to lmk how their email appeared I’d appreciate it.


Sent to both my MakeIct email and personal gmail account, both look the same

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Mine looked like yours Sherry, might be phove vs desktop.

Edit:: Nope. Chrome Browser shows it the same.


Weird… I’ll try another browser. I’ve been using Brave and am frankly disappointed in it

Looks fine in Mail on iOS.

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I think it’s probably my forum settings.

Yeah, the first one is the notification from the forum that you would only receive if you are in the info group. Discourse does dumb things to html emails.


The email definitely went out differently than what I intended. We may just stick to using wildapricot for event emails in the future and I’ll see about updating the base email to match the formatting of the newsletter.


@squarenuts Don’t forget to update your browser…


Non of the images come up in Lynx


@james.a.seymour I’m not sure very many folks will get your joke. ;-)

That’s typical of James jokes

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It’s probably Brave browser protecting your privacy combined with MailChimp creating a dashed line that in email convention represents the beginning of a signature.