Garden Day

Set the end posts for the fence. The rest of the posts ought to come later this week.

Watered the berries at the south east corner by the fence post too.

The flower bed has been half weeded on the northwest side. South east still needs to have the crapgrass rooted out. We also amended the soil with a geneous help of the pile next to the pavilion, bag of manure, and half a bag of peat humus, the other baged amendment is in the shed.

Lots of work left to do!

Next week Wes should have his tractor out, the last concrete pad should get moved, vining hoops should go up, fence stretched back up, and more stuff in the groud!



If there’s still room, I’ll totally put my flowers in the ground tomorrow night. They’re all perennials so they should come back.

I may also have half a peony bush that needs a home soon.


I still have cotton seeds I’d like to donate to the cause the color of the cotton is a golden brown.

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You can plant on the mulched side. We planted a root bundle near the interior corner that isn’t visible fyi.

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If/when you grow it, may I have some?

My family has a ceremony I would love to use it in. :black_heart:

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I have 3 packs of seeds. I’d be happy to give you one

The question begs to be asked…does makeICT plan to participate?


That got me thinking about some of those involved in gardening. Now I have to bleach my brain. Thanks.


Any time! :wink:

It’s Springs time and I’m feeling naughty

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→ Grabs “porcupine” suit before heading to makerspace.

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Wait, what? It’s not OK every day?

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I have some cotton from the previous years harvest with seed still in the bolls.


I pulled the grass roots out of most of the rest of the flower bed. I didn’t get under the mulch pile and I didn’t move the mulch pile yet because I noticed there are a lot more rocks in that half of the bed. I wasn’t sure if we wanted to try to sift them out or not.


I was just going to keep adding new topsoil until there was enough

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It appears my JoCo (Jonathan Colton) song was flagged so apologies to whoever I offended.

I will be more clear with my trigger warnings/R rated content next time.

that’s a classic song :rofl: