Game and Crafts Table for Home

GNC Table

What: A Table for me to have in my apartment for working on crafts or playing games with friends.

Reason: I need one, tables are expensive, and “simple” to build. Despite the large project, its a easy project to break down into pieces and work on over multiple weeks if necessary. (Also a chance to practice before potentially making a table for the Community Room for the game group)

Phase 1: Find/Design Build plans (Preferably find, I tend to get stuck in design)
Phase 2: Decide and Purchase Materials (Bring to MakeICT?)
Phase 3: Prep Materials (aka Measuring, Cutting, Plane/Joint, Drill Holes, etc…)
Phase 4: Assembly (“Dry” Assembly at MakeICT then probably Assemble at Home because Apt)

Will post progress in the comments, but will mark off phases here.

FEEL FREE TO OFFER ADVICE OR ASSISTANCE (I am new to building tables)

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Not simple by any means, but kind of cool


Okay, thats actually really cool. I have always been super into tables that have moveable surfaces to hide or maintain game surfaces

I’ve been toying with making something like this for home. I have some leftover hickory from the dining table I made at the old Makerspace so I could have it match.

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This is what I have been looking at making. Got to first build the house for it to go in first.

Found some plans I am going to look at later. Really close to what I want. Definitely difficult tho

I don’t think this is your first project, right? That’s a lot of moving parts that all have to fit together. Not trying to discourage you from building it, of course. Just making sure your expectations are realistic. Looks pretty cool, and anything you make will be way cooler than something that can be bought.

It would be my first project at MakeICT and the first major woodworking project in a while. But I have made smaller things in the past. I expect I will need help in some areas, which is why I want to have an extensive planning phase.

Even if I don’t make this exact table, it will probably require the same process. My plan is to breakdown the table into little subprojects and try to address each on their own to some degree. As I detail this, I will try to identify the necessary skills and steps to make each part and then reach out for help when I am not familiar with it.

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This is a cool topic I recently got back into Dungeons and Dragons E5 there is a lot of cool stuff out there but something cool caught my eye VTT (Virtual Table Tops) I got a 40 inch TV mounted to my wall in the basement that I have since abandon and don’t use for anything any longer I think I am going to attempt building either a fixed gaming VTT coffee table that looks like above tables but with table top TV mounted in surface or the option I’m leaning towards is a portable case that I can take to D&D games. Either way will be cool.
I already have the software I went with Arkenforge master set it is on sale for 25$ seem pretty easy to make maps.

Fun times ahead lol

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