Fusion 360 Class

I made a class for teaching 3D modelling with Fusion 360. Please make a Fusion 360 account in advance to save time for yourself and others.

The class is scheduled for Wednesday July 13th at 6:30PM but I just posted the class request so it won’t be on the calendar quite yet.

In the class we will design a simple scoop which can be 3D printed. I have printed several of these scoops in various sizes for things like coffee, dog food, etc. We will learn how to make sketches, learn some of the most common 3D modelling features, and how to export the part as an STL file in preparation for 3D printing.



This would be an awesome class! We were just talking last night about how nice it would be to have more fusion360 classes going before offering up more CNC plasma cutting classes!


Still not posted?

@Events @ladeana Can we get this class added please? Class is scheduled for next week so we are running out of time.


Sorry. This will happen tonight. (I am a little under the weather.)


Thanks! I appreciate it :slight_smile:
It would also be nice if I could get access to the admin tools to accept people into the class because I think I might do more Fusion 360 classes in the future.

To anyone interested in the class. Just a reminder please sign up for a fusion 360 account if you have not already done so. Also, if you plan on using the laptops at the makerspace make sure to remember your password and account name.

Here is the most recent tutorial I could find


I have some time will get to it before midnight.

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with 3 mins to spare the class is up


Thanks Malissa… I was still piddlin around… sigh


I tried to sign up for this class but it doesn’t allow me to sign up as a member. Any idea why or what I can do to register as a member?

Are you using the same account that you are signed up with your membership for? PM me the email account and I can check Wild Apricot.

I put this image on the FB event Redirecting...

Just a reminder this class is tomorrow. There are still openings, so be sure to sign up. For all of you who have been asking for a Fusion 360 class, this is for you.

If you can’t make it, please let us know so Ryan can schedule another class. He is super excited about teaching classes, very knowledgeable in Fusion 360, so I know this won’t be the last one.


@RyanB I’m very interested, but am playing a show tomorrow evening and can’t make your class. I wish you the greatest success and look forward to a future offering

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Also interested, also have immoveable plans tomorrow.

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I thought I had Fusion 360 on my computer but do not. Where do I download it from for free?

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Are you an actor or musician?

In a band