Fundraising Committee Meeting Tonight (12/1/2022)

Hey all, unfortunately my car broke down on the way to work this morning, and to get back to work tomorrow I’ve got a new fuel pump to install tonight!

But that means I’ll be unable to make the committee meeting tonight.


I completely forgot this was tonight. I can’t make it either want to reschedule for next Thursday?

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Next Thursday doesn’t work for me, any other days work for you Malissa?

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Monday or Wednesday. I’m already double booked on Tuesday.

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Well now I feel better about missing this for my writing class. If we can do it after the 3rd we should have some results from the survey…


Poke about time. I’m not good Thursday, other days should work. And last checked there were 120 responses.

So are we meeting tomorrow at 7? @Ethan.Doak