Fundraiser Sale Master Task List

In addition to the CO Task List, I’d like to get the specific actions that need to be done for the Sale listed out so that it’s easier for people to drop in and get something done whenever they are available. I think a lot of the CO stuff will take some technical skill, so having this list as well will make sure there is always something to do.

Things I know are being worked on:

  • Taking Photos
    – What lots have had photos taken? How are we identifying what is done/not done?
    – What are the photo criteria? (How many? Are we doing one overall plus closeups of each?)
    – Where do the photos go after they have been taken? (Are they uploaded to drive? directly to the auction site?)

  • Creating Lots
    – What is the criteria for creating a lot? (How many items? Are the items supposed to be related in a specific way, or just whatever makes sense to the lot creator?)
    – How are the lots being labelled? (ARE they being labelled? If not, how are we matching photos to lots when the listings are created?)

Any other specific tasks? I know @David knows a lot about it, but for some reason I thought @mikeb was also working on it?

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