I have a few tickets to NOMCON( Nation of Makers Conference) , that I’ve been given the authority to share. If you are thinking about joining the Leadership in the future or you are current leadership and you can not afford your own ticket and would like to go, please contact me through e-mail. If you are one of the recipients of a free ticket, I would like you to address the membership at a recap meeting to be held after the event, with what you learned and what you would like to implement at our maker space from what you learned.

If you end up with an unused ticket, I’d consider going. I’ve got the ability to take time off work, since I don’t.

I’d be happy to have you. I will send you the information .

What is everyone doing for travel? I notice that the Southwest Chief on Amtrak happens to go right to Santa Fe, and for coach it is $266 round trip. Might be a fun excuse to ride the rails.

That’s what we were planning.

I wanted to go, but I have a child turning eight on that very day, so I don’t think it’ll be a great weekend for me to travel :frowning:

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I completely understand. I refused to work on Tobias’ birthday until last year.
I also promised him a Birthday party at MakeICT this year. I’ll be booking a couple of those group activities in July.

I’ve got a kid with a birthday around then, too, but I figured “what the heck” since she’s 35.

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Kim, don’t know if it’s in your budget, but they do have some family events at NOMCON and are encouraging people to bring the whole family.

My kids are all grown, and my wife is looking forward to having some peace and quiet without me around for a few days…

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Thanks for the ticket, Malissa! This is gonna be exciting!

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I have one ticket left. If noone speaks for it by Monday, I would like to offer it to leadership at Maker Harvey.