Final Friday Event

Hello MakeICT Ceramics :crazy_face:

I have a final friday event this month at ICT pop-up park. Wondering if I could bring in a kiln load’s worth of work within the next few days and have it bisqued and glazed by then? :grimacing:
I have my own kiln but it’s a bit more shotty than the skutt.
I hope to have all the work ready for bisque by the weekend. Then I’ll be doing a whole day of glazing. Hopefully I could put them right back in the same day for a glaze firing.
Does that sound doable? :sweat_smile:

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Corbin, it does sound doable, but we cannot guarantee the your time line will be met. It looks like we are caught up on firing. Doug just loaded a large bisque fire which should be out Thursday afternoon. Doug will be in the studio on Saturday, if you have a load of bisque to run you could bring it down then and it may be out by Sunday evening. spend the day glazing and back in the kiln Monday should be out by Tuesday. It is a very tight schedule.

Doug’s been at the space all afternoon are you planning on meeting him with your work?

Ooooops, I thought I responded :sweat_smile:
I bisqued all of my work at home- Do you think I could meet someone there tomorrow/Thursday before noon to do a glaze firing to be out friday? :sweat_smile:


Sure I can probably swing that.

sweeeeet- much appreciated!!!