Festival Of The Arts deadline June 14 free

@Classroom_Management would we like to submit for a booth for this free event? We are a resource for Artist.


Wow sounds good to me

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What would we do?


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What activities do we have in our outreach closet. I know how to do brush bots and the rocket launcher.

OK! So what is our goal for spending a day there!!

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Growing membership, doing Community service for our tax status.


OK! I just read it again, Noon - 5:00. I have Woodturners at the space in the Morning, perhaps I could bring a lathe and turn some tops or simple christmas ornaments.

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Cool I’ll see if there’s electric available and if we can be next to each other.

Are we doing this separately, or as a MakeICT Booth? I saw the park location and didn’t even think about needing electricity. Thanks for keeping me out of a big OOPS!


I’ve already committed to my own booth but it would be nice to be next to MakeICT, so I can help with our booth as well. If any other MakeICT member have a booth as well let us know.

I am willing to spend some time working in the booth. I think we have a tent… if we don’t have enough, I have one in my garage.

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Well I screwed up. I’m at Botanica until 2 that day. I will cancel my booth and put MakeICT in it’s place. I can be there after 2 and can stay and break down.

Do we want to discuss planning here or in the classroom meeting on Thursday? I have a class from 6-8 so I will be on-site.

Either is fine with me.

Let’s discuss tonight and share here as well so we can recruit others.