February board meeting

Our next board meeting will be Thursday February 21 at 7pm in the classroom. You may suggest agenda items here. I would like to bring up the voting policy again, we’ll get an update on our bylaws review from legal council, then we’ll hear from committee leads on activities around the space. If anyone has agenda items to bring up you can post them here.

Board meetings are open to anyone.

When I get the agenda together, it will be here:

Do we want to start the discussion of modifying the key form to include a board or committee meeting?
We’ll need to pick a date for the March Quarterly meeting.

If there were a few committee meetings on the calendar every month I’d be tempted to bring it up, but right now it would be a difficult requirement to inflict on people.

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Would this be in addition to the current signature requirements?

I think we need to make the key form a bit more flexible. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting stuck on board member signatures. Maybe we could add an option of volunteer time in place of some signatures?

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I think that requiring attending either is a bad idea I like the volunteering option. An hour or two of time in leu of a BM signature.


The security guys have been doing an awesome job of scanning and emailing me the security forms so that I can reach out to new members about volunteer opportunities. A couple issues though:

  1. There is no field for the member to write his/her email. That means I have no way of contacting them, lol.

  2. There is a field that asks about volunteer options but some new members choose to leave that field blank.

I’m not a huge fan of requiring attendance of a monthly meeting but I am a fan or requiring some type of monthly volunteer activity that could include attending a meeting.

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We can get you the emails from Wild Apricot. Email me and I’ll set you up.


A while back I added a field to the membership form that asks for people’s “Occupation, interests, skills?” - could that be included in the email that gets sent to Shannon? I was hoping we could use that to help identify volunteer opportunities for new folks.

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I’m not feeling well. I’m going to stay home tonight. I can call in via Google Hangouts if necessary, but with how I’m feeling I will probably be asleep before then.

NOMCON 2021 bid. So far out of 30 of our origional bid letters we’ve received 15 updated. There are no available dates for 2020 and the deadline for that is February 28th. Deadline for 2021 is end of March. Visit Wichita will be making a video again and they suggested the president of our organization be in it. We have reached out to Go Create to be a co-host, no word yet. If you have a business, if you love Wichita, you have in-kind donations, or you want to volunteer your time; please, submit a letter of support.

That’s okay Malissa, hope you feel better soon :slight_smile: Can you post a makerfaire update?

I was hoping @Nicole would do that.

How would I post that? Or more accurately, I guess where I would post it…Sorry for the late reply here. Email and I aren’t getting along exactly right now.