Failed print on the Prusa this morning

There wasn’t any contact information left on the whiteboard for whomever was printing orspin.gcode on the Prusa, so I’m posting here.

When I came in this morning, the LCD on the printer indicated that a crash was detected. The bed and especially the print head was a mess (see photo). I cleaned it up mostly and tried a small print of my own, and it seemed to work fine after that. I’m not going to restart your print though, since I don’t know what caused the crash, and you may need to review the design.


Dom ,
Thank you for catching this I am sorry it happened. I forgot about the white board.

I am not sure what happened I use that file all the time on my printers at home and do not have any print troubles… I used the locked settings for the prusa on the computer at makeict and did not change anything and I watched it for the first layer to make sure it was sticking it looks like it just came off the bed and went all over the nozzle…

I seen the prusa was open and i was just wanting to compare the print qualities to see if I wanted my own Mk3 at home… guess that answers that question.

Thank you very much for taking care of the printer .

So you have magical printers at home that never fail? :wink:

Prints generally stick quite well on that printer. The print surface does need to be clean for prints to adhere properly. It never hurts to wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol before starting a print. The PEI does also lose adhesion over time. Acetone is supposed to help restore the surface, but can’t be used on a frequent basis because it will damage the bed. I’ll wipe it down with acetone if it’s not in use when I drop by.

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