Facility equipment requests

At our last leads meeting, @kthutch was asking us to provide a list of stuff we would like in our areas. I’ve been thinking about something that would be nice to have at our building, but not specific to the ERP. We once had a water cooler, but we were just using tap water to fill up the bottle, and weren’t doing regular cleaning which lead to the probably smart decision of taking it off line. I’d like to request a filtered bottleless cooler/heater (water line running to it). If there’s specific stores we’re dealing with, I can look at what items they have and give some suggestions. Reasonable ones tend to run for slightly under $200 to $400.

Maybe we can keep this thread going with equipment requests that are for general facility rather than specific area use.


Excellent Idea! Something like this?

I set up a wishlist on Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/1UPqUkX?ref_=wl_share

What else would we need to make this happen? Plumbing work?

I’m going to see what we have at my office (when I’m there in a couple weeks) they have ice too. And it’s just like sonic ice.

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You Asked, We Answered.

We’ve applied for a grant for a water cooler and money for installation.

the one at my office was $3500, so we’ll have to get our own sonic ice at sonic.

What’s next?


Good work!

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