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I wanted to share some metrics on several post from this last week. You can see why I perfer to create content from the makerspace vs. using content from the internet.

The first post, I took notes from the garden committee and add pictures from the forum the post has been shared 8 times I’m not 100% Confidant on what FB says it’s reach is.

This post is is a reshare from the Woodturner’s Guild I’m hoping @stnick Will share their results to see how working together on a post expanded our audience and interaction.

These 2 posts are links to an articles, I do these to fill gaps when we need content because I don’t have anything else. I try to find things that relate to our mission statement. I’ve found that post work better for us between 5-7 PM so I try to schedule things during that time. May the 4th was done during the 9 AM hour, but not all post do bad if posted outside that time frame.

This post was also reshare and you can see the interaction on the reshare as well.

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This for me was part of the Malissa’s class on using Free Internet Marketing tools. So here is the metrics on the original post as of 9:30 am 5-7 - compared to 24 hours earlier on the Screen Shot Malissa posted.

To me it says two things. First: If you are an instructor and want to fill out your class. Make a post on your personal Facebook Page (make sure it is shareable) and tag MakeICT in your post. Then the MakeICT page can re-share your post. And watch what happens. Additional Magic will occur when members wanting to help promote full class signup, re-share MakeICT’s post. If you manage a Facebook page for a related business or organization that has a similar audience, you should share the post to that page also. Example, Ceramics posts a glass, and you manage a ceramics supply house, or Metal Shop posts a welding class and you manage a welding supply shop, or you hang out with a group of friends that like to do metal work.


So I sell paintable crafts for instance and finished crafts on FB how would I apply sharing

Post an update and check in at MakeICT.
If you use our equipment to make some share that.

I also have some video results I wanted to share both live and pre-recorded. I’m not the best at video but hey something is better than nothing. I’ve got another video scheduled for Thursday.

This video ws live about 6:45 last night before we started the gardening event. I’ll check on it in a week and show updated results.

This video was pre-recorded down by the creek. It’s still getting views

I also want to include our audience, incase @Membership wants to look at this in their meeting.

We really need to work on our outreach in surrounding communities Andover and Derby especially with our current location.

Upcoming events Derby:

Artisan Market May 29th $15 booth fee


Upcoming events in Andover:

Not just Derby and Andover but we should look at rotating through the local Farmers Markets to hit all parts of the city and county

Here’s the updated Garden video metrics

I joined a Facebook group for Derby and advertised our Maker Monday there. Today I checked our Google My Business analytics. The highest search for directions in the last month on Google Maps was…

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You go, girl!

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At least a couple of those are me trying to figure out if Rock or Buckner/Oliver is faster haha. I think I saw the “Derby KS Chatter” group post too. Does Wichita have anything similar that’s not too troll infested?

Edit: how about the Wichita subreddit? They have a weekly sticky of activities. Lots of our stuff would go well there.

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I’ve been posting on the Wichita subreddit as well when they have the weekly post. Several weeks MakeICT was the only event listed

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