FabLab Moving

Hi FabLab Makers:

We are rapidly approaching the time when we will need to be moving the FabLab equipment to the new building. We may start moving some equipment as early as this weekend. Be aware that once moved, it may take some time to get the equipment up and running, so if you have a project that must get done soon, I’d suggest you do it in the next few days. This is a reality that all of the areas are going to have to deal with since the highest priority is to get everything out of the old building by the end of the month.

Obviously, the more help we have with the moving process, the quicker we’ll get back up and running, so prepare to offer assistance. I will update again in a few days with more specifics. If you have time in the next couple days, head over to the new building and lend a hand with the cleaning and construction going on there.

Thanks in advance for your help and patience as we press forward.


Hey everyone. I think we are ready to start moving some of the FabLab stuff to the new building. The door has been widened and the floor has been cleaned. There will be some electrical work being done yet next week, and the ventilation for laser cutters still needs to be built.

To start out with, let’s move everything except for the laser cutters and 3D printers. I’m going to have a pickup truck available tomorrow (Sunday) lets say early afternoon. If I could could get a few people to help load and unload some of the bigger items. As we move stuff in, lets put the bigger items kind of in the middle of the room so that there is room for the electrical work on the walls. Small items can be put on the shelves that are in the corner of the room.

At this time, I’m thinking about the next weekend time frame to move the laser cutters. Expect more announcements about that in a few days.

Again, if you can help with moving some of the larger items tomorrow, let’s meet at the Douglas building early afternoon.


I’m available tomorrow afternoon to help. If we aren’t moving the lasers or printers, are we just going to move ourselves vertically, up and down? I’m not sure what else there is in the fablab, besides maybe the vinyl cutter, but that’s a 1-2 person job. Why are we trying to wait to the last minute to move everything? This thinking seems extremely irresponsible.


Vinyl cutter, paper cutter, probably a table or two, the plotter, and anything else we can find.

Oh man! I hope you don’t get your head bit off too!

They are still doing some work at Booth, and there is concern that moving too much stuff will interfere with the work. That is a concern, but I fear that come next weekend when people are starting to go back to work, the number of volunteers and equipment will wane. I hope I’m wrong.



I bet if we cleared all the stuff we are supposedly trying to sell, out of the rooms, the work would get done a lot quicker.

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