FabLab Area Suggestions/Help/Projects

As some of you know from other posts I am trying to exit or reduce my position of FabLab Area Lead. Until someone is chosen as a new Lead in December or appointed sooner. I will continue to work on things as I have time. I am committed to finishing the new laser beyond that I don’t know.

Until there is someone else to take it all I would like to try to expand the number of people helping in the area officially as Assistant or informally as helpers. I have failed up to this point in not reaching out sooner. I like fixing thing, not leading people, so I suck as an area lead. Sorry.

This is where it is up to the other members that use the FabLab area and think it could be done better to step up and help. If you don’t like how slow things are moving. If you think you would like to help out say so here. I will try to organize some times to meet.

If you are in the camp that would like to take the leads and own it all now or soon is the time to start the process. Contact Christian or the board directly.

These are the duties that are involved. Not in any order of importance.

  1. Drafting policy
  2. Budget/Accounting
    • buying consumables
  3. Machine maintenance/cleaning
  4. Classes
    • Laser
    • 3D printing
    • Vinyl cutter
  5. Maintaining the laser scrap bin :frowning:
  6. Editing the Wiki

Feel free to send emails to fablab@makeict.org or use this thread.

Thank you.

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Tom, I’m happy to help in this respect. The only caveat is that if the purchase is large, I may have to rely on a Good Samaritan member to help me get it from my truck to the makerspace.

If you ever need help moving something, give me a shout.

If you tell me what needs to be added to the wiki, I have the skills to add things and would be willing to help out.