Fab365 SpaceX Scale Models

I picked up the entire line of SpaceX models available from Fab365. Over time, I’d like to get them all printed, but for now, I’m doing the Starship Cargo, Super Heavy Booster, and the Orbital Launch Mount. I’m fairly confident I can get the prints wrapped up in time to display at the MakeICT Comic-Con Booth.

The Starship models are at 1:144 scale. Starship and Super Heavy are 394 feet tall and the launch mount is estimated to be 110 feet tall for a total of about 500 ft. At 1:144 the model should be about 42 inches… that’s 3.5 feet tall.

All of the Falcon 9 models are 1:66 scale and rather than make a smaller Falcon 9 for a size comparison to the Starship… I might just make a LARGER Starship to match the Falcon 9. At 1:66 scale, the Falcon 9 scaled Starship will be 7.5 feet tall. Now THAT would make a nice display. For that I’d like a more accurate model, though.

Starship Cargo, Super Heavy, and Orbital Mount 3D Printed Scale Model… work in progress.

I’m really happy with the look of the Geeetech Silk Silver PLA filament for the stainless steel Starship body. It looks even shinier in person.

Also, the model’s heat shield really does look nice on this model.


Update from Boca Chiquita.


I see what you did there. LOL

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Update from Boca Chiquita

Almost finished… only need to get the Orbital Launch Mount done.
Oh yeah, and I guess I should actually glue it up.

Pepsi for scale…

Heat shield.