Explorer Post

Hey there makers!

Spirit Aerosystems, the Boyscouts of America, and MakeICT are teaming up to bring an Explorer Post to Wichita Kansas!

An Explorer Post is aimed at 16 to 20 year old boys and girls that are interested in STEM related fields. The intent is to expose them into as many different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as possible.

At the moment, the post is suppose to be guided for the first 12 weeks, and then afterwords there may be up to 9 months were the explorers continue to search into what peaked their interest whether it be something they saw during the tours, or something that was not touched on in that time.

The explorers are currently signed up to go through the following activities:
Weeks 1 - 3 (Jan 9 to Jan24): Robotics at Spirit Aerosystems
Week 4 - 5 (Jan 30 to Feb 8): Tour of Flight Safety
Week 6 - 8 (Feb 13 to Feb 28): Beam Deflection Study at Spirit Aerosystems
Week 9 - 12 (Mar 6 to Mar 28): 3D Printing at MakeICT

At the moment there are 5 explorers in the group, but we will need volunteers to help with guiding the building of possibly 2 3d printers. If you would like to volunteer with this activity, please drop me a message.

If you have questions or have a youth that would like to join the Explorer Post, please contact me or call Keith Kasych (Spirit’s Explorer Post Leader) at 523.3109.