Event notice: Wood Milling Basics (2022 Mar 12 - 12:00 PM)

Time: Mar 12 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Instructor: Aaron Rivers
Register: http://makeict.wildapricot.org/event-4734350
Price: MakeICT Members - $20.00
Price: Non-Members - $25.00
Ages: 12 and up
Required Authorizations: Woodshop

This is the foundational course I give in woodworking.

This class covers the process of milling lumber from a rough state to finished cross-sectional dimensions.

Assessment of common defects including knots, wane, checking, cupping, bowing, twist, reaction wood and more in order to match wood stock to a project cut list.

Basic and intermediate skills with the bandsaw, table saw, jointer, thickness planer, miter saw, and circular saw.

Wood in a variety of conditions selected to maximize student familiarity with overcoming various defects will be milled for use in shop cabinetry projects and future classes in joinery, glue up, and more.

Students are also encouraged to bring one to three pieces of “problem-lumber” to discuss and or mill during the class.