Event notice: TIG Welding Basics (2018 Jul 14 - 4:00 pm)


TIG Welding Basics
MakeICT 1500 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, Kansas 67214
2018 Jul 14 - 4:00 pm
2018 Jul 14 - 7:00 pm

Instructor: Jeremiah Burian

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding proccess that uses a tungsten electrode to produce a weld. Come to MakeICT to learn how. Participants will become familiar with the TIG Welder and will learn set up, safety, and correct operation while welding steel and aluminum.

Required authorizations: Metalshop

The price for this event is $30.00 for MakeICT Members and $35.00 for Non-Members.


I have signed up to take the metal shop basics on this same day and I was wanting to also sign up for this class as well. It won’t let me since I don’t have the authorization yet, but I have emailed events@makeict.org to see if I can still sign up for the class since I will have the authorization by the time of class. Unfortunately I have not heard back on it yet so I thought I would try on here instead to see if I can still get signed up?


Anna, I can put you on the class roster if you like. Just let me know and I will. 3 slots open as of right now.


Yes,please, if there still is an opening. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you.


I have registered you for the class. You should have gotten an invoice by email. If you haven’t, just let me know.