Evening help

Hi, everyone. Sincere apologies for being a dormant member, but I’m ready to pitch in if there are any evening tasks that can be done. I read somewhere about Wednesday night in particular, but I didn’t notice if it was an old thread. I’m thrilled about the purchase of Booth; my wife taught there for years as part of her schedule.
Some of you may know that I have a retail shop that takes up much of my time, but if I can schedule ahead just a bit, one or two nights a week helping out would be great.
Let me know how I can best help?
All the best,


wednesday night is still very much real! If you’re just getting involved 6:30 is the show up time. 5920 E Mt Vernon the more the merrier!

others might chime in with more times - there’s things going on every day, it’s moving fast.

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5920 has been open weekdays, with David Springs and others, from Noon - 8. Weekends we have had various work parties.

Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings seem to be turning out a number of folks with things to do. The posts are in Inner Workings – A New Building. Look for Help or Building Mods. in the Title. There is one labeled CO tasks that is also in the 5920 building.

Last Night, it was decided to bring the Screen from 1500 over and set it up on the scroll with tasks to be done. So good place to check in a few days. Until then check in the first room south of the east entrance Room 5. It is designated as our Lounge after we move. It has heat and there is info and a good list in there, Many items can be tackled slowly by one or two, faster with nore help.

All are welcome.

Noon to six for me, but sometimes others come by to keep it open later.

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Anyone at booth this weekend?

Do you need me to come over and let folks in? I can be…

I’m here, but just about to head out. I’ll likely be here tomorrow, too, though. I didn’t plan on a set time, because I hadn’t planned on meeting anyone. Sometimes more gets done without interruptions :wink:

If someone needs in, I can set a schedule, but I won’t be able to supervise any workers. I’ve got to the get auction stuff finished ASAP.

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