Edit: SawStop [no longer] Down 8/6/22

Sawstop has been tripped.
I’ll be in this evening to check it out.

It wasn’t me this time.

Back up and running. Will send thr brake for analysis on monday

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was this something that was discovered or were you made aware of the tripping of it by the tripper?

I was called immediately and an incident form was filled out, all was handled appropriately.

There was no obvious cause for the activation. I did clean the saw’s interior and underside of table as SawStop Technical Service always asks about that.

Cleaningbthe saw does bring up another point however.

The shopvac I used was jam-packed to the brim. To anyone using the vacuums, it’s a very easy thing to check and empty; and doing so pays off so much in extended filter life and vacuum performance. Please, let’s help eachother and stay on top of this!


let us know if it was machine error or user error, as thats always of particular interest to me in light of how much it costed me when i triggered it.

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