E-nable Committee at MakeICT

At 8 years old my son told me he wanted to be a robotics engineer for the development of prosthetics for turtles injured in the wild.
To help on his progression to that goal he has decided to go though the step to become a member of the E-Nable Alliance.

Once he has completed those steps he would love to join a chapter but there is currently not one in Kansas. The following link describes what is need to form a chapter.

If there is enough interest I’d like to form a committee to get us credentialed for membership in this network.


I’m interested.

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Interested too. I’ve been loosely following the E-NABLE community and the AbleGamers Charity for a few years now, but haven’t made the time to really involve myself so far

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Seems cool. I am down with it.

We need 1 more person to form a Committee.