Dust collection

I’ve noticed the last few times ive used the jointer that more shavings fly out everywhere than what is being sucked in by the collection ducting. Am not sure what the issue is. I took the panel off the back and saw no obstruction, perhaps some sort of modification is needed.


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There is a small chamber directly under the rotating knives that sometimes gets jammed with woodchips. It can be accessed only by taking off the dust collection port and reaching WAY up there to clear the obstruction (with power off, or course). The back panel won’t access any dust collection; only belts and motors.

I was able to clean it out real quick at tonight’s Maker Monday. Easy Peezy, lemon so-squeezy.



Power on leads to more exciting stories - just saying.

Not to mention great security videos

could even be “trending” if we play our cards right

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I’ll keep my 10 boring fingers. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_back_of_hand:


Fine, but you may never make YouTube.

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