Door not being nice 10-22-21

The door wouldn’t unlock for @SarahDenton or myself a few times around 5:30 and then when I was loading up to leave, about 9:10, it turned green and stopped flashing it was about a minute before it unlatched. I’ve reported these problems to IT and security, but also wanted membership to keep an eye on it, incase someone else has the same problem.


We are looking into it, but if you do have a problem with the door please report it with as much detail as you can. Describing the sequence of events that you observed is very helpful and requires no special knowledge. A lot of times we get reports along the lines of “my key didn’t work”, and that doesn’t give us much of a starting point.


I ran into the, or at least, a problem with the fire (actually the door, stupid phone) tonight. It did eventually let me in but it took several tries. For me, as soon as I held my badge to the reader, it went to 3 or 4 green LEDs and would stay like that for a few seconds then back to the normal single red. The time it did finally let me in, it did the same thing but unlocked as soon as the greens came on, not the normal thinking about it for a couple seconds. I’ll try to get the video uploaded to the cloud and post a link to it

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Thanks for the info. It seems like the controller is working properly but there is an intermittent issue with either the strike or the power supply for it. I’ll take another look at it tomorrow.

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We have the second strike plate on the door. I don’t recall if the door strike is ran off the onboard relay or the external relay.

I think we are only using 3 of the four relays.

I checked the power supply, wiring, and strike but couldn’t find any issues. I wired the second strike in parallel so they should both unlatch together. Hopefully that will help narrow down the issue. If one door won’t open but the other does the issue is either the strike or the wiring to it.