Does anyone remember?


Does anyone remember a movie made in the 90s with sinbad as a genie?

It was called shazam. But if you remember it you already knew that.

That movie existed. I am 100% certain I’m not crazy.


This one? and the imdb writeup on it?

I, on the other hand, am not 100% certain.

Mike B


That is the one. And I remember it. I am certain. I have asked friends this morning who are around my age. So far 5 out of 6 remember it.

Ive asked in different kinds of ways to see if they are just saying they remember. Asked 3 if they remember a movie with sinbad as a genie. They said yes, shazaam. I asked 2 if they remember who was in the movie shazaam. They said sinbad. 1 had no idea what I was talking about 1 way or another.


It was Shaq, not Sinbad.


No I remember the shaq one too. Because that was the knock off one. It came out soon after shazaam.

Vox explains it (sort of I guess):

Imagine if you woke up this morning and Disney’s 1998 animation A Bug’s Life did not exist. After endlessly scouring the internet, you’d come up with nothing, despite your own distinct memories of a bunch of ants going on wild hijinks through the undergrowth. You’d turn to your best friend, your brother, your mum, and say, “Hey, remember A Bug’s Life? It was about ants”, and your friend/brother/mum would turn to you and says: “No, darling. You’re thinking about Antz.”

This is how those who believe in the “Sinbad genie movie” feel when people say they are simply getting confused about Shaq’s Kazaam.


I can remember the cover and the posters and advertising of it. The cover was more lighter tertiary colors on shazaam, not the bold primary and secondary colors like kazaam. There are 2 different fakes of the cover online. One of them is close but not perfect. The shirtless one is way off. It was sort of more live action disneyesque. There was no animation. Just, you know, 90s effects.

It sounds crazy, but I am not kidding. Im pretty sure we jumped universes somewhere in the last 20 years and apparently that movie was the only change. Lol.


Mandela effect? Fact or fiction/lore?