Do we have any brazing or silver solder resources?

I know we have a couple of OA torch setups. A forum search on brazing and silver soldering didn’t yield anything though. After pricing the supplies I think it might be cheaper to pay someone that knew what they were doing if they already had the supplies as the job would likely require a fraction of a package of spendy brazing rods and flux. If we have the supplies I’m willing to watch some YouTube Videos and learn the hard way. …or does anyone know who might be interested in taking a look at it?

The part that needs repaired is 10" diameter cast iron flywheel/pulley that goes to an air compressor. The center of it got pulled out on removal.


While we do have the capability of doing silver soldering in Jewelry, I’m afraid a piece of cast iron that big is beyond the scope of the little oxy-propane torch in there.

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I’m not sure why I forgot about the jewelry shop. The metal shop has a torch that would be plenty big. My understanding is that silver soldering is more difficult than (bronze) brazing. If I have to hack through this myself I’ll likely take the hoepfully easier route.

I use to braze stainless steel at global eng. but never done cast would be interested in seeing how it turns out. Might be a good project once we get our blacksmith area going at booth.

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$45 bucks? If you need a double might look at mcmaster carr

The OA kit is out of gas, someone left the O2 on and it leaked out. Thankfully it wasnt the acetylene! Due to the dangers or expense (e.g. empty gas bottles) of misuse with the OA setup I propose we abandon the OA idea until we get a black smith area (outside maybe?) or a better torch that doesn’t leak!

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Thanks for the replies guys. The Muggy 77 rod is about $65 /half pound. I have double belt pulleys on my setup. I went ahead and ordered some Bernzomatic WB5 rods for $5. The price was right and they’re supposed good for cast iron.

Did we have two OA setups in the metal shop? I take it both are empty?


The oxygen tank is empty. Acetylene it good. or the generic link . 10in is $75 assuming it fits your shaft. Fixing a double pulley (transmitting roughly 10hp?) with a few sketchy “brazed joints”, let alone the unbalance and wobble that is likely to occur…thus running rough and eating through belts. I’d spend the $75 bucks to not be down again, unless I had no choice.

The key to success with cast iron is preheat and cool down. How are you going to heat it? Powder coat oven?