District 1 Brandon Johnson Meeting

The Board and Area Leads will be meeting with City Council Member Brandon Johnson. Please submit any ideas in this thread of how we can partner with the city or how we can make an impact in the community outside the makerspace.

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Proclamation from the city for MakeICT.
@ladeana partner with the community centers for mini makerspaces.

A new (to us) building!

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Also, if they ever have an area that needs artwork/fun chairs and things we could potentially build some things and beautify an area? (Like the random alleys that have things in them)

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Due to a conflict in Councilman Johnson’s schedule, they have asked to move the date and time of this meeting. The new date/time is Monday, July 29th at 4 PM. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

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It was brought to my attention last night that we do not have a wheelchair accessible curb. I know Douglas is being upgraded and it would be nice to know this is being included.

huh… not sure I’ve seen many of those in the middle of the street. I thought the sidewalk was wheelchair accessible, and of course the metal shop door, they can beebop right in there.

Since we don’t really have plans to remain in our current building, I’d save the requests for something that would benefit us long term.


Here’s a copy of the group photo from our meeting yesterday. We’ll want to use it in our upcoming newsletter, at least, and perhaps somewhere else on our website.

You’re all quite pretty, by the way. Perhaps we should have VIP visitors more often :slight_smile: