Discourse sonnet

prompt: please compose a sonnet about Discourse software.

GPT4 Bot:

Upon the stage of web, a star is born,
Discourse, the software, threads of thought to weave.
In forums wide, from dusk to early morn,
A tapestry of words, ideas conceive.

No barrier of place, or time, or space,
In unity, the voices find their home.
A marketplace of minds, a meeting place,
Where thoughts like rivers, free and wild, may roam.

Yet, not in chaos, but in order grand,
Each topic, post, in harmony reside.
With open source, communities expand,
In Discourse’s realm, we take the ride.

So here’s to Discourse, in this sonnet’s verse,
The next-gen forum, universe converse.

prompt: can you please give your sonnet a title

GPT4 Bot:

Certainly, a fitting title for the sonnet could be:

“Discourse: The Symphony of Conversation”