Dior at Dallas Museaum of Art


I’d like to plan a trip leave Friday, explore Dallas Saturday, go to the exhibit Sunday, and stay in an AirBNB. Hoping to do this in May but not opening weekend. Who’s game?

Has the exhibit till March 3rd

Roundtrip tickets to Denver are as low as $97 right now.

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But you have to check all bags no carry on and the minimum fee is $50.

I found an Airbnb in Dallas sleeps 8 for $418 for 3 nights

I guess I did say Denver, didn’t I? Where did I get that?

Denver is thru March 3rd Dallas starts May 19th. Neither has cheap flights, so I stated looking at Airbnb in Dallas since I also have friends in Austin who want to meet up for the exhibition.

I can probably get you a great price with Treetop Airlines, but all of their flights are no smoking – it can set the hay on fire and scare the animals. And I’d be sure to have a change of clothes for when you get there.

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